I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to that, I was a visiting faculty researcher at Google Brain. My broad interests are at the intersection of compilers, program optimization and machine learning. I lead the ADAPT lab. Our current work is focused on two main fronts.

Office: 4118, Siebel Center for Computer Science
201 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana IL 61801
Email: charithm (at) illinois.edu

Research Opportunities

ADAPT lab has opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. If you are a student who is passionate about building high performance ML optimization or compilation techniques or is passionate about automated compiler construction techniques using either machine learning or formal methods, please be in touch with me.

Click to read instructions before contacting me.

Undergraduates or Master's students at UIUC: Please include a CV, an up-to-date transcript, and your programming experience. The subject line should contain the word "prospective undergraduate/master's researcher" to indicate these instructions have been read. Please note that, since we are doing systems work at least 2 semesters worth of commitment is required to get fruitful results (e.g. a publication) out of your experience. Also, I will not agree to supervise any final year Master's students.

Prospective PhD students: First, you must apply and gain admission to the graduate program in Computer Science at UIUC. You should mention me as a potential advisor in your application as well as in your personal statement. Once you apply, you can optionally send me an email with subject "prospective PhD student". If you are admitted, then I'm happy to discuss supervision.


I am truly thankful for the sponsors of our research at the ADAPT lab. In particular, we are partially funded by the ACE center, one of the seven centers in JUMP 2.0, a Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) program sponsored by DARPA, by National Science Foundation (NSF) and through generous gifts from Google, Intel and Qualcomm.